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See, I am doing a new thing! 
Now it springs up; 
do you not perceive it? 
(Is. 43:19 NIV)

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Observing the Changing Times and Seasons

He changes times and seasons; 
he deposes kings and raises up others. 
He gives wisdom to the wise 
and knowledge to the discerning. 
(Daniel 2:21 NIV)

What changes are praying for in your life or in the world around you?


Family Stories: Old Wives' Tales and Sayings

[box] "We tend to forget that we might have our own stories to tell … We wish that we had preserved the stories of Grandma, but miss the fact that, for our own children and grandchildren (and even for our own generation), we are the ones who must be the storytellers if there is to be a richness of family (or faith) stories in years to come" (Donald Davis, Telling Your Own Stories)[/box] Can you recall some of the stories from your last family gathering? In my family, some of my relatives (again, not to mention any names), repeat the same stories time-after-time at reunions and funerals. I love our humorous family tales. Other stories inspire me to carry on some of our family traditions. But sometimes, our family narratives remind me of some very painful memories. Do you remember a funny story that a relative repeated at every family gathering? Uncle Bill always told the best stories. And when we visited his home, he would always take us on a tour, pointing at memorabilia and telling us the story behind every item and picture. And I can also still hear Aunt Etta Mae asking for Uncle Bill's agreement, "Isn't that right, Bill? Maybe one of your parents or grandparents repeated the same old wives’ tale or sayings all the time. My mother offered me an annoying wake-up call every morning before school, “Rise and shine!” Back then I cringed with Mother's rude awakenings. Then, after the birth of my own children, I found myself repeating the same words to them. And I'm sure they cringed, too. Now, I embrace this memory of Mother as a precious gift. And it still echoes in my memory some mornings at sunrise. What old wives' tale or saying do you recall from your childhood?  

Writing Down Your Faith Story

Writing down my own faith story changed the course of my life.               During the process of applying for seminary, my husband Dan and I were required to write our faith stories. I struggled with that assignment, What can I say? I went to church all my life? I remember getting baptized, when I was about nine years old . . . how boring! But that’s pretty much what I wrote in my story. [Well, without the "how boring" part!] Reflection. Later, I began to worry about what I had written. Dan had written about his life-changing faith experience. And I remembered what a difference that change had made in his life. He seemed to find peace and direction, as he began to study the Bible and seek God for direction in his life. Research. So, I began to think about what it really meant to follow Christ. I knew a salvation experience had to be more than just going church and trying to do the right thing. So, I began to read some Christian books, including the Bible. Revelation. As I read one passage in Galatians, the words seemed to jump off the page, right into the middle of my heart. “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me . . .” (2:20 NLT). But I didn’t sense the Spirit of Christ in me.

Repentance. I’m not sure what I said, when I finally got honest with God about my faith—or rather my lack of faith. But I knew that Jesus had said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me" (John 14:6).

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" (2 Cor. 5:17).

No lightning flashed; no thunder roared. But from that moment on, I sensed God’s peace within me.

Free image from FreeDigitalPhotos.net Have you recorded your faith story? 

StoryPower: Secret to Living Better at 50+

I believe in the power of story. As a writer, writing instructor, and Bible teacher, I've observed StoryPower in the lives of others. << MORE >>

Counting My Blessings

When is the last time you counted your blessings? My mother gave me a journal on my forty-fifth birthday and challenged me, “Can you think of five things that you are grateful for every day?”<< MORE >>

Angry? Consider Forgiveness

How does God respond to anger? Jonah's anger. In the story of Jonah, Jonah was so angry that he spouted off some pretty foul words to God, “So, God, if you won’t kill them, kill me! I’m better off dead!” Even though Jonah had just experience God’s deliverance from death, he was begging to die. << MORE >>

Conflict Resolution with Children: The Treasure Box

"Mom, Ethan has my new marble shooter, and he won’t give it back!" Six-year-old Aidan whined. "Aidan, were you playing with it first?" his mom replied. "No, but I want to play with it!" Aidan demanded.<< MORE >>

Remembering Dad

I think of you when leaves turn brown; falling gently to the damp, soft ground. I think of you in the cool, evening breeze; sitting quietly under the fall trees.<< MORE >>

Write Your Story: Epitaphs

What will your epitaph say? When my husband Dan and I were dating, we visited the local cemetery and read the tombstones with a flashlight. That seems like an odd thing for a couple to do on a date, but we lived in a small, southern town, and there were not many activities available. But the local cemeteries provided some interesting discussion points at times.<< MORE >>


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